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1. How do I access my account settings?

When in the app, click on the top right circle of your initials. This will open up your account settings page.

You can directly update your first and last names and click “Save Changes.”

To change the email address associated with your account, enter your new email address in the “Email” field and click “Change.” Then, log in again via the magic link sent to your new email address.

2. How do I upgrade my account from a free trial to a paid subscription?

Ready to upgrade? Here's how to do it. offers premium features with monthly or yearly subscriptions.


  • Sign in to the web app.

    Here, you will have two ways to upgrade to a paid plan:

    • Click "Upgrade to Pro" in the top right corner, select the plan that meets your needs and go to the checkout page.

    • Or go to "Subscriptions” by clicking your workspace name in the left navigation panel.

    • Choose your billing cycle (monthly or yearly), and then navigate from there.

  • On the checkout page, enter your credit card information, name, and country details. If you have a promo/discount code, put it under “Add promotion code” and click “Apply.”

Note: If you receive any errors, please send us an email to "[email protected]" for support.

  • Lastly, review and click "Subscribe." Enter OTP sent to your contact number and complete the order.

You're all set! You will receive a confirmation email that your account has been upgraded successfully.

3. Can users sign out?

Yes. Go to your workspace in the left navigation panel and click "Log out". You can again log in by entering your email address and get a magic link to log in password-free or directly log in via Google or Facebook.

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