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Customize your Content created by Tools
Customize your Content created by Tools
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1. Can you remove your favorite tools?

Yes, you can remove favorite tools simply by clicking on the star next to the tool you want to remove. When you find a tool you like, just click on the star to add it to your favorites. You can access all of your favorites under the "Favorite Tools" toggle.

2. How do I change the tone of the output?

You can decide the tone of your output by selecting a tone option from the drop-down menu under the title and description sections.

If you select one of the preset tones, you'll see a list of 9 tone options.

If you want to create your own tone, such as sassy or casual, add the tone name and click "Create."

Another way to change the tone is to use our Tone Changer tool under Writing Tools.

  • Add the content you want to rewrite in the description field.

  • Select the tone from preset options or create your own tone.

  • Click “Create Copy”.

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