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1. What is a workspace?

Workspaces are shared and collaborative spaces where anyone involved in creating a project can share their work.

You can see the list of all workspaces you are a part of, create a new workspace, and even open existing workspaces to read and edit them.

2. How do I manage the workspace settings?

In the left panel, click on the workspace arrows.

Now go to "Workspace Settings".

Here you can change the name of your workspace by clicking on it. You can also add or remove members from the workspace. Finally, you can see your subscription status below the workspace name field.

3. How can I invite members to the workspace?

You can invite members to a workspace from the workspace settings. When you are in the workspace settings, next to "Members", click on "Add Members". You are able to enter their email address and send an invitation for the user to join the workspace.

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