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1. What is a project?

A project is the first thing you create before using a tool. It can be private or public (shared with others in the team).

You can create multiple projects as you start working on different tasks or add them to an existing project. You can also delete projects if you no longer want them to be part of your account.

Projects are organized into folders, which can be nested (e.g., one folder inside another folder). You can create as many folders as you want and manage your projects.

2. How do I create a new project?

In your workspace, click on the "Create New Project" button under the "Get Started" section. A new project will open up for you to work on.

You can also create a new project by using any predefined template.

3. Are projects being saved?

Yes. All projects created within will be saved. The editor, outputs, and any other items you've saved within the project will also be saved.

4. When do a new project start and an old project end?

It is totally up to the user. allows you to create as many projects as you need, and it's for you to decide when a new project starts and an old one ends.

5. Can users favorite tools in the left sidebar?

Yes! You can favorite tools in the left sidebar by clicking on the star next to each tool. These favorites will appear at the top of your left sidebar under the “Favorite Tools” toggle, so you can quickly access them whenever you need them.

6. Can you switch between list and board view for projects?

Yes, on the projects screen, the view can be changed between list and board modes. Click the 4 squares button on the top right of the screen to alternate between a list and board view of all your projects.

7. When the project name is changed, are inputs retained? allows you to change the name of your project without losing any of your work.

If you rename your project, the name will change, but all of your inputs and saved copy selections will remain intact.

8. When switching projects, do the inputs change?

When you switch between projects, the inputs you have provided will clear. You can copy and paste text from one project to another, but if you want to retain the inputs, it's best to use the same project.

9. How do I delete a project?

  1. On a project page, click on the three dots below your project, and then select the option to "delete."

  1. Clicking this will open up a dialog box asking if you're sure you want to delete your project. Clicking yes will remove it from your account!

10. Can saves of results within multiple layers of “more like this” work?

Yes, you can save as many layers of a results page as you want.

Just like with regular output results, you can save your results in multiple layers of the “More Like This” tool.

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