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Additional Pricing Questions & Expectations
Additional Pricing Questions & Expectations
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  • How are words being counted?

    • We count any words that you generate using any of our tools. We count the words that appear on the screen for the user after any translation (and filtering). We do not count words that you input yourself.

  • What happens when a workspace has used all the words available in its plan?

    • When a workspace has used all the words available in its plan, users won't be able to generate anything else and will have to upgrade their plans.

  • Are there any features that are only available on a certain plan?

    • Yes, some features are only available on certain plans. The free plan does not include Blog Wizard and Translation, though you can try them during your trial period.

New Users

  • I am new to What plan am I on?

    • You will start on a seven-day trial of our Pro Plan. If you do not upgrade to the Pro Plan before your trial is over, you will be switched to our free plan and won't be charged anything—unless you decide to upgrade at that point.

      You will be able to continue using the free plan for as long as you like, but it will not include some of our advanced features.

Upgrading & Downgrading

  • What happens when I choose a plan to upgrade to?

    • When you upgrade your workspace, it should be upgraded immediately. If you're on the monthly billing cycle, your billing period will stay the same, and the limit (and features) will be immediately upgraded.

      The subscription renewal date will now be based on the current date. So in the above example, your subscription would be renewed on October 1st, 2018.

      We don't prorate any of these changes. So, if you are on a $19/mo (15K plan) plan and upgrade to $432/yr (40K plan), we will charge you $432 immediately. You can downgrade at any time during your subscription period. If you downgrade after being charged, we will refund the amount charged.

  • Can a customer change the number of additional seats while upgrading or downgrading their plan?

    • We don't allow customers to change the number of additional seats while upgrading or downgrading their plan.

      If you'd like to adjust the number of additional seats on your account, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

  • What happens when a customer chooses a plan to downgrade to?

    • If you choose to downgrade your plan, it will last until the end of the current billing period (month or year), and then it will change to the new plan. If you would like to cancel prior to the end of your billing period, please contact customer support.

  • What happens when a customer cancels their plan?

    • Customers who cancel their subscription will have the option to remain on a free plan for an unlimited amount of time. It also happens to users whose credit cards expire and cannot renew the plan.

  • What happens if a subscription is in a bad state (payment failed)?

    • If your subscription payment fails, Stripe will keep trying to charge you for up to 7 days. If they fail to charge your card after that point, your subscription will be canceled. You can see a subscription status by clicking "Subscriptions" under your workspace.

  • Can a customer change from monthly to yearly when downgrading?

    • Yes, customers can change from monthly to yearly when downgrading. However, the change will not take effect until the end of the current billing period.

  • Can a customer change from yearly to monthly?

    • Unfortunately, we don't allow customers to switch from yearly to monthly payments. If you'd like to change your payment plan, please reach out to support.

  • What happens if a customer cancels or downgrades and makes further changes during the middle of that billing period?

    • Any changes will be reflected on your bill at the end of each billing period.

  • What happens when a customer adds seats to their plan?

    • When a customer adds seats to their plan, we prorate the cost of those seats for the remaining time in the current billing period.

      So if you're on a 40k monthly plan with 2 additional users ($49/mo + $30/mo) -- added 2 other users halfway through the month-- you will be charged $15 immediately ($15/mo x 2 users, prorated for half a month).

  • What happens when a customer removes seats from their plan?

    • When a customer removes seats from their plan, the change will be reflected at the end of the billing period.

      As an example, let's say you have a 40k monthly plan with 4 additional users ($49/mo + $60/mo), and 2 of those extra users are removed halfway through the month. The next billing cycle should be $49/mo + $30/mo.

User Experience

  • How do customers switch between the free plan and pro plans?

    • To upgrade to our pro plan, customers can click on the Upgrade Now button in the upper right-hand corner or go to their Subscription page.

  • How do customers upgrade or downgrade between plans?

    • Customers can upgrade or downgrade between plans by going to the Subscription page and choosing a new plan.

  • How do customers add or remove seats from their plan?

    • You can edit your plan by going to the Subscriptions page, clicking "Add Seats," and selecting a new quantity.

    • To remove a user, you'll need to reach out to support at [email protected].

  • How do customers change their billing frequency or billing cycle?

    • If upgrading or downgrading your plan, you can change monthly to yearly while upgrading or downgrading in the Subscription setting.

    • To change from yearly to monthly, you will need to contact [email protected]

  • How do customers upgrade or downgrade if they have multiple seats on their account?

    • When an account has multiple seats, upgrades or downgrades to the base plan and additional seats can be handled separately. See the previous section for how customers upgrade or downgrade between plans.

Migrating Existing Customers to New Pricing

  • How does the new pricing model impact existing customers taking advantage of promotional pricing or other special offers?

    • If and when we migrate existing customers to the new pricing, we plan to keep any current coupons attached to their subscriptions. It means that if you're currently taking advantage of a promotional offer or other special deal, nothing will change for you—your coupon will still apply.


  • If someone cancels their account and it is converted to a free account, should they start on the free trial?

    • If you cancel your account and it converts to a free account, you can skip the trial and start on your free plan immediately.

  • What features are available to upgrade?

    • The features available to upgrade are:

      • Blog Wizard: This feature allows you to create long-form content.

      • Translation: This feature allows you to translate your input into another language

  • What if I need more seats?

    • When you sign up for our software, you will be given five seats on your plan. If you need more seats than that, you will be able to purchase them for $15/month per additional seat.

  • Coming back from a break?

Hi there! Welcome back.

If you're returning from a break, you'll be on our free plan until you upgrade. Additional team members will not have access to your work before you upgrade your plan and invite them again.

Once you upgrade, you can invite the team members again, and all their projects will appear in the same workspace.

If you're still on the old plan and think this is a better option for your team, please email us at [email protected], and we can help you move everyone over.

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