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What is Infobase?
What is Infobase?
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Infobase serves as a centralized repository for your company's essential information, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of content generation. By utilizing Infobase, AI-driven content creation can achieve near-perfect results, surpassing the typical 60-80% effectiveness.

Consider Infobase as a comprehensive resource for:

Brand guidelines

Value propositions

Positioning documents

And this is just the beginning. Witness Infobase in action

The Strength of Infobase

It Leverages Your Data, Not Just Public Information

AI models are typically trained on public data. Therefore, if you aim to generate precise and compelling content for aspects like:

Press releases

Product descriptions

Social media posts

Landing pages

Cold email campaigns

Introducing New Features

You may find that the AI lacks the necessary context to produce high-quality content, resulting in generic responses.

Currently, you can provide the needed context, but it would require you to repeatedly input all the context the AI needs to generate excellent content. We understand the frustration of repetitive, non-automated processes, just like you.

Infobase is designed to store all this information. You can assign a tag to the information and then reference that specific tag in Chat or Workflows, eliminating the need to manually input the information each time.

Let's see how this works:

Without Infobase:

To input all this information into the prompt, you likely had to:

Search your company's drive or knowledge base for the right documents

Read through numerous documents to extract the needed information

Visit your company's social media or review website pages to find usable snippets

And you would have to do this every single time.

With Infobase:

All you need to do is use a # when writing your prompt and select the information you want to reference.

It Provides a Secure Space for Private Company Information to Feed into

Companies often have a wealth of information that isn't meant for public consumption. Infobase, like any internal knowledge base you're using, is designed specifically for generative AI. This allows you to move away from generic content generation while keeping private information confidential.

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