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Workflow Credits

Pricing for individual use or small teams

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How much do credits cost?

Credits are built into your plan. Pro comes with 500 per month.

What is a credit?

A credit in the context of refers to a unit that represents a specific amount of generated content or access to certain features within the platform for example, internet searches, scanning websites, and more.

What is a credit worth?

A credit's value depends on the complexity of the tasks performed within, such as generating text, or using the API. Each workflow run might have different credit consumption, depending on the steps and content it generates.

Is there a free trial for workflows or do I get any free credits?

Each new account starts with 200 bonus credits. These credits never expire.

How much does a workflow run cost?

How much a workflow run costs depends on the complexity of the workflow. The more steps and content a workflow generates, the more it'll cost in credits. You can see how much a run costs by opening the side panel and looking at the "Credits used" for the run.

Why do the credits reset each month? Why don’t they roll over?

Credits reset each month because's pricing model is based on a monthly credit limit to ensure scalability and continuity of service for users. If credits rolled over, it could complicate the platform's management and impact service quality. This structure encourages users to take full advantage of their available credits each month.

Is the credit limit for each user or for the entire team on the workspace?

The credit limit is for the entire workspace, not individual users.

Are credits used when testing a workflow while building it?

No, credits are not spent during workflow test runs.

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