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What is Brand Voice?
What is Brand Voice?
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Your brand voice is what makes you unique. It distinguishes you from the crowd and fosters genuine relationships with your customers. With 'Brand Voice,' you can guarantee a consistent brand identity in every piece of content, every single time. And don't forget, you can create unlimited Brand Voices with a Pro account.

1) Incorporate Copy Examples that Echo Your Brand's Distinct Voice

Begin by introducing a new brand voice that aligns with your company's style and persona. Simply paste some authentic content that encapsulates your brand voice from sources like blogs, social media posts, or emails, and click on 'Analyze Brand Voice'.

Analyze and witness the magic

To make your content shine, simply input it, click on "Analyze Brand Voice," and dive into the results.

Review and tweak as needed, adding or replacing content examples to capture your unique style. Don't hesitate to make direct edits to the generated Brand Voice copy.

Select your Brand Voice and start generating content

Select your brand voice, and let generate content that reflects your unique voice.

Done and dusted. Relax as your content embodies your brand voice effortlessly, every single time.

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