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Infobase Tags User Guide
Infobase Tags User Guide

You can now add tags to any Infobase entry, and can then easily reference all of the entries that share that tag in Chat and Workflows.

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Adding Tags to Infobase Entries

You can add tags any time you are creating a new Infobase entry or editing an existing one by clicking on Add tags in the sidebar.

Add a new tag by typing the name in the search box and clicking on Create [#tagname].

Using Infobase Tags in Chat and Workflows

You can use Infobase tags in Chat and Workflows the same way you use any other Infobase entries.

Start by typing the # character in the prompt followed by the name of the Infobase entry or tag you want to use.

When you use an Infobase tag (e.g. #chat in the screenshot above), it will search Infobase for any entries with that tag, find the most relevant snippets, and return that context to the AI.

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